Cat Boarding


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cat boarding at Petfinity

Meow Manor

Discover the cozy charm of Meow Manor, a tranquil retreat designed for the comfort and serenity of your cat. Tailored to cater to the needs of solitary cats or those who prefer a snug environment, Meow Manor ensures a restful, stress-free stay with its plush amenities. Each guest at Meow Manor enjoys exclusive access to Whisker Wonderland, our engaging activity room that encourages natural feline behaviours through climbing, scratching and exploring, enriching your cat’s boarding experience.

Single Night

$3000 per night

3+ Nights

$2800 per night

7+ Nights

$2600 per night
Cat boarding

Meow Estate

Introducing Meow Estate, the perfect blend of luxury and comfort nestled between the intimacy of Meow Manor and the grandeur of Meow Mansion. Ideal for cats who enjoy extra space without the need for the extensive quarters of a mansion, Meow Estate offers a refined, spacious environment with premium amenities. Cats staying at Meow Estate have full access to Whisker Wonderland, providing a perfect balance of private luxury and adventurous play.

Single Night

$3600 per night

3+ Nights

$3400 per night

7+ Nights

$3200 per night
Cat boarding

Meow Mansion

Experience the ultimate in feline luxury with Meow Mansion, an expansive suite designed for families of cats or those who simply love to live large. With ample room to lounge, play, and explore, Meow Mansion provides a lavish, stress-free environment for your cats to enjoy. Access to Whisker Wonderland allows Meow Mansion’s guests to partake in stimulating activities such as climbing and ‘hunting,’ ensuring they remain active and happy during their stay.

Single Night

$4200 per night

3+ Nights

$4000 per night

7+ Nights

$3800 per night

Turn your pet’s stay into a one-stop shop for all their needs! Running low on dog food or cat litter? Just let us know, and we’ll have it ready for you at pick-up. Is Petzoic your go-to vet? We can coordinate any needed appointments or prescription refills during your pet’s stay. And if your pet is due for a groom, why not book a pampering session while you’re away? We’re here to make your life easier and keep your pet happy and healthy. Let us handle the details, so you can come back on top of your to-do list!

Elevate Your Pet's Stay!

Supplements & Medication

  • Medication/Supplements Admin per Day $2
  • Injections per Admin by Vet Team $10
  • Daily Diabetic Care $18

Additional Fees

  • Daily Fee for Intact $5.00
  • Late Pickup Fee per 15 Minutes $12.00
Our online booking system is under development and will be launched shortly. Stay tuned for the convenience of scheduling your pet services with just a few clicks!