Our groomers will all undergo Fear Free Groomer Certification during the initial months of our operation, ensuring a calm and positive experience for your pet friend.

Handpick the perfect finishing touch from the wide selection of stylish bows, ties, and other accessories to adorn your pet friend, elevating your pet’s style and allowing their personality to shine.


  • Treat your pet to a spa-like bath in our custom grooming tub, designed for both canine comfort and groomer ergonomics.
  • For dogs with mobility challenges, we provide ramps and non-slip flooring, ensuring safety during the grooming process.
  • Large dogs housed in spacious runs, tailoring the grooming experience to their size and needs.
Dog grooming
Cat Grooming


Treat your feline friend to a professional haircut at Petfinity. Our skilled cat groomers prioritize your cat’s comfort, ensuring minimal stress throughout the grooming session, featuring:

  • A dedicated cat grooming space away from the doggy hustle.
  • The quietest clippers on the market, reducing any fear associated with noise.
  • Feliway spray, a scientifically proven pheromone spray that helps alleviate stress in cats.

For cats requiring sedation during grooming, Petfinity groomers collaborate with Petzoic Vet Hospital. This partnership ensures that even our more anxious feline friends receive a stylish trim while being monitored by an experienced veterinary team.

Our online booking system is under development and will be launched shortly. Stay tuned for the convenience of scheduling your pet services with just a few clicks!