Room Rental

Elevate your next meeting, workshop, training session, or catered event by choosing one of our spacious, multi-purpose rooms. Our versatile rooms come with:

  • A well-equipped kitchen featuring a fridge, sink, and utensils.
  • User-friendly A/V equipment, including microphones, speakers, a large screen for clear visibility from every corner, and a podium for your speaker’s laptop and notes.
  • Flexible chair and table arrangements tailored to your event’s specific needs.
  • Scenic Views! Delight in the vibrant atmosphere as your participants enjoy the canine antics in the indoor dog park — an exceptional and entertaining backdrop for your gathering. Alternatively, you have the option to close the blinds and foster a focused environment.

Reserve your room today for a seamless and productive event!

Our online booking system is under development and will be launched shortly. Stay tuned for the convenience of scheduling your pet services with just a few clicks!