Choose Petfinity for an unparalleled boarding experience that goes beyond the ordinary, prioritizing safety, comfort, and the well-being of your beloved pets.

luxury dog boarding at Petfinity

Exciting and engaging dorm-like atmosphere for dogs

Spacious and luxurious accommodations for dogs and cats

Soundproof cat boarding

Enriching environments that cater to natural behaviours

Expert care for small and exotic animals from trained pet specialists

A commitment to pet-safe cleaning and sanitation practices

Added security of double doors and vestibules at every exterior door

Private indoor & outdoor play areas for dogs


Our boarding services are designed to provide our canine guests with all of the comforts of home, whether they stay in our Bark ‘n’ Bunk dormitory or our luxurious Junior, Grand or Royal suites, which are best suited to provide multi-dog families with more spacious accommodations.

luxury dog boarding at Petfinity
luxury cat boarding at Petfinity


At Petfinity, we understand that cats can easily become stressed, which is why we’ve integrated feline-friendly concepts into our innovative and soundproof design. Your feline companions will be at ease in our Catopia, ensuring a purrfect stay. Whether they prefer the cozy confines of Meow Manor, the balanced luxury of Meow Estate, or the expansive quarters of Meow Mansion, designed to accommodate cat families, they will enjoy time in “Whisker Wonderland,” a specially designed room that allows cats to indulge in their natural behaviours—climbing, scratching, perching, and ‘hunting’. This encourages exploration and play, effectively reducing stress and optimizing overall feline satisfaction.

Small Animals

Our Critter Cove team can care for a menagerie of small pets—from rodents and birds to reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and more. Our dedicated pet specialists are trained to provide a secure and nurturing environment, ensuring your beloved pet friends are in capable hands while you’re away. The Critter Cove is thoughtfully separated from dogs and cats, fully secured to guarantee the safety of even the smallest critters and features a designated play area outside the cage for added enjoyment.

Our online booking system is under development and will be launched shortly. Stay tuned for the convenience of scheduling your pet services with just a few clicks!