Blood Donation

Thank you for your life-saving donation!

Why Are Canine Blood Products Needed?

Blood products, such as whole blood, packed red blood cells, plasma and platelets are crucial to support the health and recovery of dogs affected by a variety of medical conditions.


Dogs that have suffered significant blood loss due to accidents or injuries often require blood transfusions to stabilize their condition and support recovery.


Blood transfusions may be necessary during or after surgery to replace lost blood and maintain the dog’s blood volume and pressure.


Dogs with anemia, whether due to chronic disease, immune-mediated conditions, or other causes, may need blood products to increase their red blood cell count and improve oxygen delivery to tissues.


Dogs undergoing chemotherapy for cancer might require blood products to manage the side effects of treatment, such as decreased blood cell counts.

Infectious Diseases

Certain infectious diseases, like parvovirus, can lead to severe anemia or other blood-related issues, necessitating blood transfusions.

Clotting Disorders

Some dogs suffer from clotting disorders that prevent their blood from clotting properly. They may need plasma transfusions to provide the necessary clotting factors.

Dog Blood Donation

Donor Criteria

Between 1 and 8 years old

Weighing over 55 pounds (25 kg)

Current on vaccinations or having proof of titers

Have a calm temperament

In good health, as determined by your primary care veterinarian

Dogs breeds, which have a higher incidence of having DEA 1- blood types, making them particularly valuable to a donor program:

Donor Perks

Eligible to receive one free blood product for every unit of blood donated, if ever needed

Free microchip identification after the second donation

Bandana and blood donor tag

Special milestone dog tags for every five donations

Complimentary testing for blood-borne diseases and heartworm, with any abnormal results sent to your veterinarian

Dog Blood Donor

Blood Collection Procedure


Upon arrival, the owner completes a questionnaire while the donor is weighed.


A small blood sample is collected to check blood levels.


The donation process, which only takes about eight to ten minutes.


All done! Relax and spend some quality time together.

Blood donation is not painful, nor will it jeopardize your dog’s health. Your dog will only experience the inconvenience of lying still for a few minutes.

Dog Relaxing

After Home Care​

Provide plenty of fresh water. Heroes also need a few treats.

Avoid vigorous exercise and use of a choke/prong collar for 48hrs post-donation.

Your dog may be more excitable after the donation process.

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